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Our family group, the CHAMPRENAUT group, with its 150 employees, designs and manages specific handling equipments. Racks, carts, small trains: We are here with you about the resources to improve the ergonomics of your workstation, to prove its capacity and to reduce waste.

We approve and implement the production of high-quality products, with a systematic analysis of the value for each of our designs. Because the very best, the cost period begins with a design that is suited to your needs: neither too much nor too little. It is therefore important that we understand your needs fairly.

We sit with our workshop attendants and our delivery partners to produce the best products that meet their purposes.

Discipline, loyalty, responsiveness and sustainability are the keywords of our family group.

Our companies have held these values high for almost a hundred years, and we thank all of us: employees, customers and suppliers, so that our history has continued for many years.